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The Chef Hero is a Restaurant and Chef Development Agency. We are a collective of thinkers, chefs, restaurant owners, designers, strategists, and leadership entrepreneurs. 

We work collaboratively with our clients to build, brand, and inspire the message of who they are and how food experiences customer loyalty.

Our work is largely based in the food and beverage industry; but most importantly, we work with people, products, and concepts that we believe in, no matter what the industry may be

Executive Team

Eric Swan

Eric Swan the Chef Hero


Carlos Bradley

Carlos Bradley


Shawn Stevenson

The Chef Hero

Vice President

Executive Chefs

Chef Eddie Lam

Chef Eddie Lam San Jose



Chef Salvador archiniega

Chef Salvador San Jose


latin america 

Chef Natalie Ramos

Chef Natalie Ramous


Soul/ Americana

Brand Development

Roger Pineda

The Chef Hero

Design and Branding

Danny Pineda

The Chef Hero

Printing and Digital Collateral

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The Chef Hero

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